Please check that the information is correct on the booking.
Bring the bookingconfirmation with you (Print or on mobile). That's your receipt.

IMPORTANT - The parking area is accessible even though the signs indicate that there are no more available spaces. License plate must be legible, if there is snow or other dirt on the license plate, it can cause problems.

On departure:

Number plate is scanned.
Take the ticket and the boom goes up.

On return:

Since the ticket is paid for via reservation, the number plate is scanned and the barrier goes up. In case of late return, the ticket must be used for payment.


ALWAYS an available parking space for customers who have pre-booked online:

We guarantee you there is always available parking in Billund Airport.

Parking can be reserved on P1, P2, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8, P9 * and All inclusive packages.

By reserving parking prior to your trip, you are guaranteed a parking space in one of the above areas.

* P9 is closed for the winter in the period 1 November to 31 March.

Booking must be made 6 hours before arrival. Booking can not be made over the phone.



How late can a reservation be made?

Reservations must be made at least 6 hours before the expected arrival time.

How far in the future can reservations be made?

Reservations are open 1 year ahead.

Can parking be booked over the phone?

No, parking cannot be booked over the phone. Booking must be made on the website.

What happens if a car other than the original registered is brought?

It is important that the license plate fits with the car arriving, as it is the license plate that issues the parking ticket. Log in to "Manage my booking" through the booking confirmation, or go to the website. login into the booking and press "Edit car reg" and enter the new registration number.

What if I arrive earlier than expected?

Yes, you can arrive 4 hours before.

However, please note that if you start your reservation earlier than booked, the departure time will be shortened accordingly.

Can a reservation be amended?

Yes, until 24 hours before arrival time applied. Subject to sold out dates or parking areas.

Can a booking be canceled?

Yes, until 24 hours before arrival time applied.

Can parking be booked with German number plates?

Yes, just remember to replace the round marks with a hyphen when entering the number plate.

Can electric charging spots be reserved?

No, electric charging spots cannot  be reserved.

Can disability parking spaces be reserved?

No, disabled parking spaces cannot be reserved.

Can BroBizz be used for booking?

No, BroBizz cannot be used for booking.

How often do parking prices change?

Our parking prices are constantly monitored to ensure we offer the best possible price. This means that our prices change, so offers are only valid at the time of booking.

How can confirmation email be resent?

Log in to "Manage my booking" located at the top of the front page where you will find "Resend booking Mail". Remember to look at junk mail or directory creatives.

What happens if my return trip is delayed?

If your flight is delayed and you go over the end time of your booking, you will be charged for the extra day/days to gate price.