By booking parking prior to your trip, you are guaranteed a parking space on the booked area.

Should it appear that there is no vacancy for the desired period, you are still sure of a parking space on departure from Billund Airport, as we have a space guarantee. Parking can always be done at one of the available areas at the airport without booking.

Parking can be booked on P1, P2, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8, P9 * and All-inclusive packages.

* P9 is closed for the winter in the period 1 November to 31 March.



  1. Please check that the information is correct
  2. Bring the confirmation on the trip (Print or on the mobile). That's your receipt.


IMPORTANT - The parking area is accessible even though the signs indicate that there are no more available spaces. License plate must be legible, if there is snow or other dirt on the license plate, it can cause problems.



  1. Drive to the selected parking area.
  2. Number plate is scanned.
  3. The ticket is printed after a few seconds. DO NOT PRESS THE TICKET BUTTON if the ticket is not issued automatically - please contact the staff on the help button.
  4. Take the ticket and the gate Will open.
  5. Bring the ticket on the trip. Do not leave it in the car.
  6. Since the ticket has been paid for via reservation, the number plate is scanned, and the barrier goes up. In case of late return, the ticket must be used for payment.


NOTE: If your return is delayed and/or changed, you must use the parking ticket you received at the entrance to pay for the extra time. Payment can be made at one of the parking machines, or directly at the exit with a credit card. Billing is done according to the current gate price.